Navigating the complex world of compulsory purchase can be challenging, which is why it’s good to have our highly experienced Compulsory Purchase team on your side. Our robust knowledge of commercial property and valuation means we can offer strategic advice on all types of schemes and projects.

We work with you to create and implement strategies to help achieve your business goals. 

If you’re affected by a compulsory purchase order (CPO), we use our powerful negotiation skills to make sure you’re protected. 

The majority of compulsory purchase situations play out over the long-term, and we’ll be with you every step of the way throughout the process – from initial advice through to implementation and claims. 

Do you have a CPO Claim? 

Compulsory purchase can be confusing and complicated and this is where our team are able to walk you through the process. The team is experienced in all types of compensation claims; if you are a property occupier included in a CPO or a business that requires relocating, we have the expertise to guide you accordingly. 

Our Claimant Services Include: 

•Advising on the potential impact of the CPO 

•Explaining in detail the rights available to claimants 

•Lodging objections and negotiating mitigation options with the acquiring authority 

•Securing fee undertakings from the acquiring authority 

•Handling compensation negotiations 

•Statutory valuations 

•Acting as expert witness at public inquiries and Arbitration