June 13, 2019
What do you think when you think of Cork? Food Capital of Ireland? Jaw dropping scenery in the west? The EMEA headquarters of Apple Inc.? Henry Ford’s ancestors? For those in the know – the gift of the gab by kissing the Blarney Stone?

Ireland’s second largest city, only by sheer size but first in practically every other aspect including the cost of living, ease of doing business and the availability and retention of high quality committed staff. It has been busy reinventing itself with the finest food markets, bars and restaurants, river boardwalks, oceans of retail and an artisan family-run coffeeshop at every corner.

Fondly known as the ‘real capital’ by its spirited inhabitants, Cork is a city on the rise! Quite literally, in fact just take a look at the 390 acre Downtown Docklands, one of the largest regeneration opportunities in Europe at the moment, where over 1 million sq. ft. of commercial real estate is now under construction. Complimenting commercial activity is a further 500 acres of land with permission for over 3,300 homes which are also under active construction in the metropolitan city area.

We speak to Denis O’Donoghue, who is the head of agency with CBRE Cork, on why Cork is the place to be – right here right now!
Cork is earmarked to grow its core city population by over 50% in the next 20 years under a government led agenda, recognising the capacity that Cork has to offer as the leading economic region outside of Dublin – and that is something to be proud about.”

Friendly City


Conde Nast Traveller’s 2018 survey of the friendliest cities in the world rank Cork as third in that list. fDi magazine, a publication from the Financial Times, rank Cork as overall third of the small European cities and top spot for business readiness in their latest 2018/19 European cities and regions of the future report, Cork has a long tradition in welcoming overseas industry, most notably the Ford Motor Company in 1917 who’s founding ancestry hailed from West Cork. Apple Inc. has its EMEA headquarters in Cork since 1980, starting with just 60 employees and now standing at around 6,000. Other notables include the likes of Pepsico in 1974, DELL/EMC in 1988, GE Healthcare in 1992, Amazon in 2006 and more recently Johnson Controls who moved their global headquarters to Cork in 2016.

Strong economy

Cork is now home to over 150 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies and with a strong supply of 3rd level graduates and a skilled workforce, it is the perfect place to grow and scale your business. 
“Cork is 30-50% less expensive than Dublin, offers tremendous work-life balance with a compact city centre boasting a sustainable balance of commercial and residential supply. Cork provides employers and their employees with an ecosystem of top quality but affordable places to live and work. It’s a perfect choice for both companies and individuals.”
It’s not just about the city centre – even though it is enough to keep you entertained. “Outside of the city, Cork has Ireland’s best beach – Inchydoney. It’s not my own biased opinion but it was voted by TripAdvisor 2019!” he said with West Cork pride “in addition to breathtaking scenery in West Cork and picturesque towns such as Kinsale, Clonakilty and Skibbereen dotted all along the Atlantic seaboard – you are spoilt for choice should you need a break from the cityscape.”

Food capital of Ireland


Cork’s culinary pedigree is well known in Ireland - thanks to the rich agricultural hinterland allowing for superior produce all year round, allowing exports at a global scale since the 1800’s. BBC travel calls it the food capital of Ireland – and rightly so!
So if you want to try something other than a Dublin Guinness come to Cork, we have locally brewed Murphy’s and Beamish where the sweet after taste of your choice will last forever!