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Linda Korne-Ivanova
As a part of my Bachelor’s degree studies in Property Economics (Dublin Institute of Technology) I did a 13-week internship starting January 2017 with CBRE. Working in the valuation department at CBRE has been the most beneficial experience of my life so far. I have gained so much knowledge and experience that well-exceeded just property valuations. I have learnt so many things like; how stressing over little things will not get me anywhere, how to work well as a team and that without my counterparts the work would not get done.  Another aspect that I learned throughout my internship is to never be afraid to ask lots of questions, it is the only way you will learn.  

I think that an internship is extremely valuable to any student.  It gives you a taste of the real world. It helped reinforce my knowledge of responsibility, focus, drive and ambition. The only way to gain experience and move up in the working world is to be driven, focused and to have a will to never give up.  

I believe that this internship was successful in furthering my knowledge of a career in the field of property. While being immersed in a company for over 37 hours a week for three months, I saw the pressure of deadlines, importance of appearance, the value of being self-motivated and the joy of loving your job. I feel I have really learned a lot. I didn’t just learn how to do my daily tasks, but I also got an insight into other departments’ day to day roles. This internship has made me 100% confident that property is the perfect career path for me. I ended up learning a lot more than I thought I would be able to in the time I had and as a result my hard work paid off as I was offered to stay on with the Company on a part time basis whilst I complete my studies. 

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