CBRE's Proud Network

What is the Proud Network?

CBRE's Proud Network is an internal group for LGBTQ staff and their allies throughout the Irish business. We offer mentoring, support, socials and discussion platforms to encourage debate, networking and fun. Our members will gain insight, confidence, support, knowledge and a fun new network of colleagues to connect with. Lastly, and most importantly, you will be contributing to creating a more inclusive culture at CBRE.

Why 'Proud'?

CBRE's Proud Network is for everyone! Whether you're Proud to be LGBTQ, Proud to be an Ally (parent, friend, colleague) or simply Proud to be you, we have something for everyone and welcome your involvement and support.

Who is it for?

Simply put, EVERYONE! If you are part of the LGBTQ community, fantastic! If you are a parent, friend or colleague looking to support a loved one or colleague, equally fantastic! If you are none of the above and simply want to be part of our fun network, just as fantastic! 

What can you expect?

Proud Mentoring - find LGBTQ mentors and Allie mentors to learn and grow from or equally become a mentor.

Proud Socials - from cinema nights, to pub quizzes, to pumpkin carving, you'll never have a dull event!

Proud Discussion - open forums in various formats to explore key issues affecting the LGBTQ community.

Proud Insights- listen to inspiring podcast and insights from our Proud members, sharing experiences from a vast variety of backgrounds and achievements.