CBRE have surveyed over 250 occupier clients to find out their current priorities, and discover how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted their businesses and their real estate.

Summary Points:

  • CBRE EMEA Research conducted a flash survey of over 250 occupier clients in May 2020 to assess the industry response to the COVID-19 outbreak.         
  • The majority anticipate some further short-term deterioration in the business environment, with over 70% expecting revenues to contract this year.  The Health Care & Life Sciences sector and, to a lesser extent, Technology & Telecoms, are more optimistic.
  • Remote or home working is, by some margin, the most widespread workplace measure implemented (86%) since the outbreak.  Greater adoption of health and safety measures, and flexible working hours are the only two other changes that have been widely applied.
  • Leasing activity has been disrupted or delayed for over 80% of companies, mainly through delay or cancellation of site visits, and deferment of expansion plans.
  • Over 50% have held discussions with landlords about aspects of their existing lease agreements, but only about a third have been offered any relief measures by landlords and the majority of these are unsatisfied about the concessions offered.
  • Where occupiers highlight the scope for longer-term shifts in strategy, these are predominantly around increased adoption of home working, and the technology investment necessary to support this.  A significant proportion (40%) expect to review their locational footprint, and a similar percentage expect to shift increasingly towards buildings with enhanced wellness and sustainability features.

Five in Five Briefing: EMEA Occupier Flash Survey

CBRE’s Five in Five presents five experts giving their valuable insight into the occupier world, in just five minutes each.

This video will look at the results from the EMEA Occupier Survey that was conducted at the end of 2019 as well as the results of the more recent Covid Flash Survey to discover what has changed in the minds of the occupier in just a number of short months. Have the thoughts and opinions dramatically changed or have these views just been accelerated?

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