Ecommerce drives logistics take-up to unprecedented record.

  • Extraordinary demand raises take-up to 31.50 million square feet on 101 deals, with Online Retail accounting for 32% of the space taken.
  • The average deal is now exceeding 300,000 sq ft for the first time, denoting the trend for larger warehouses.
  • East Midlands, Yorkshire & North East and the South East reached record take-up levels.
  • Brexit stockpiling has not majorly affected Logistics Big Box take-up – increases of stock have been absorbed so far by 3PLs due to the temporary nature of the requirements.
  • Reverse Logistics: how retailers are tackling the challenges derived from the increase of physical returns using dedicated warehouses.
  • Investment volumes exceeded the five-year average by 18%.
  • The new release of CBRE UK Logistics Index shows Total Return for modern logistics during 2018 reached 11.7%.