• The Windsor-Essex market is extremely tight for
industrial product, specifically Class A which is an
ongoing trend.
• Vacancy and availability rates continue to increase for
the second consecutive quarter.
• The vacancy rate increased 20 basis points (bps) to
1.62% in Q3 compared to 1.4% in Q2 2017.
• The availability rate increased 20 bps to 3.1% in Q3
2017 compared to 2.9% in Q2 2017.
•While smaller size spaces are easier to find for lease the
trend with hard to purchase or lease over 50,000 sq. ft.
• This trend has been evident for the past few years and
extends along the 401 corridor from Guelph all the way
to Windsor.
• Meanwhile the trade sector continues to be the most
active industry in the Windsor-Essex market in Q3 2017.