CBRE’s integrated Laboratory Solutions (iLS) delivers a range of industry-leading, innovative solutions to optimise business-critical laboratory operations, improve efficiency, asset availability and uptime, reduce cost and risk and enable greater time for science and scientific achievement. 

As a single integrator laboratory services organisation, our iLS teams manage an extensive range of key laboratory and analytical instruments globally, with a significant proportion of these located within mission critical GxP spaces. In the pharmaceutical sector, our iLS experts currently work in partnership with a number of leading international companies. 

The services we deliver are a blended model of both self-perform and the management of relevant equipment manufacturers/specialist vendor partners to create a bespoke solution that helps achieve the right outcomes for each of our clients. CBRE iLS teams are able to provide support and for all key sectors that conduct scientific research, development and testing under strict regulations, including; life sciences, healthcare, oil and gas, environmental services, food and beverage, chemical/agrichem, industrial manufacturing, universities and museums. 

Our experts not only provide the extensive operational and quality and compliance support required to address the most critical regulatory environments, but also support your business with a wide range of value adding laboratory services. 


Comprehensive and fully-integrated laboratory services


At the heart of what we do is a comprehensive and fully-integrated portfolio of services that span a laboratory’s entire lifecycle. This can include its design, build, location, redeployment, refurbishment, and day-to-day operation, from ensuring the maintenance, repair, calibration, performance, qualification and validation of high-end laboratory instrumentation to glass wash/autoclave, consumables management, storeroom and waste management, equipment/instrument set-up, media preparation, method optimisation and robotics/automation support. 

We are vendor/technology agnostic, which enables us to provide impartial advice based on the knowledge and experience gained by supporting laboratories around the world.  


Client focused solutions that optimise operations and increase time for science


As well as delivering Laboratory Instrument Support (LIS), Technical Laboratory Services (TLS) and General Laboratory Services (GLS), our iLS teams provide a range of additional specialised, lab-focused services that deliver enhanced operational outcomes for our clients and release core scientific time back to their businesses. 

These services include: 

  • Sourcing and Multi-Vendor Management: dedicated laboratory sourcing and supply chain management experts ensure an optimal cost model approach is delivered
  • Data Advisory: smart analytics and business intelligence tools, plus life cycle asset management expertise designed to improve equipment utilisation and performance
  • Programme Management & Innovation: Our specialist team of project managers focus on supporting our clients’ critical laboratory programmes, including; lab relocation and redeployment and innovative, value creation initiatives
  • Customer Engagement: Customised roles and programmes that build high stakeholder engagement within complex scientific environments. This includes a range of lab-embedded Scientific Coordinator roles that support our clients’ scientific communities and help accelerate their vital research and development activities

Laboratory Reports

CBRE iLS - Collaborative Scientific Workplaces coverCBRE will soon be publishing the first of a series of four new laboratory workplace-related reports for 2020 around the theme of: Exploring the Collaborative Scientific Workplaces of the Future. If you’d like to request an advance copy of the first report in this series, please email: [email protected]. To download CBRE’s original Lab of the Future white paper, please click here.