How are Office Occupiers in EMEA Planning For the Future?

More than a year into the pandemic, office occupiers in EMEA are addressing a range of challenges.  These start with the steps needed to support increased access to the office and include the shift towards new steady-state, in some cases hybrid, working arrangements.  And while the timeframes involved vary, the issues are inherently linked.

How do occupiers assess these issues and what do they think are the likely outcomes?  When do they see their office occupancy stabilising and how will future working patterns be set ?  Will their portfolios expand or contract over the medium term, and what role do they see for flexible space as part of their space solutions ?  And what will be the main drivers, and outcomes, of their future workplace strategy ?

Our latest survey of EMEA occupiers reveals some of the priorities, aims and challenges associated with planning for a complex, and perhaps markedly different, future.   

Realising Potential in Sustainability

Building the real estate solutions of tomorrow means acting on sustainability today.