World class procurement, logistics and accounting


From property management to lease administration, through to facilities, tenant care, procurement and accounting - CBRE offers specialist services for each asset type across all sectors, including industrial and logistics, retail, office and iconic ‘Premier Properties’. 
Over the past three years, our Premier Properties programme has seen impressive adoption rates across multiple markets, regions and lines of business, with multi-layer CBRE engagement.  
Our Asset Services team work with clients to maximise commercial real estate value by aligning building operational performance with broader business objectives. By tailoring our property management efforts to your goals, we are able to anticipate needs and deal with issues long before they become problems. We do this by understanding you and what's important to you, connecting you with experts and truly delivering results. 
Our experienced and enthusiastic CBRE Ireland team are responsible for managing 2 Million sq. m. of commercial space with a value of circa €4 Billion. We manage real estate for a wide range of domestic and international clients ranging from REITS and funds to Private Investors. 
We have invested heavily in IT systems in order to streamline our business and make the various processes more efficient. Key systems include; Asset View, YARDI, Pay Scan and RAMIS, adding value for our clients. 

Data-driven property insight


We make it part of our job to monitor trends that are affecting the market, sharing property insight with you where it’s relevant and actionable. We also collect multi-disciplinary data on a global scale, providing leading commercial and management insight. 
By combining and benchmarking data across our management portfolio we offer landlords a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their assets which, ultimately, forms the basis for more robust investment plans to help you make the biggest return on investment.  


We understand your needs
We strongly believe that the following three levels of understanding lead to strong alignment between us and our clients: 

  • We first gain a thorough understanding of you as our client – what is important to you and your company’s objectives in relation to your asset and why? 
  • We work to truly understand your asset and your occupiers / tenants 
  • And finally, we seek to understand you as a professional, what your own personal goals are and why? 


Connecting experts

We seek to help our clients with three elements of connectivity: 

  • Our experts in Property Management
  • The wider CBRE group, with its global strength and expertise
  • And the network of experts in our supply chain 


Delivering real quality

All of this together we believe enables us to truly deliver: 
  • The asset itself, ensuring that the human interface it has with its occupiers is as effective and efficient as possible
  • A great occupier experience, which increases asset value and delivers a strong return for you, the client
  • And an exemplary asset experience 



Our specialist skills


For each asset type, the team offers specialist skills in: 
  • Asset management  
  • Financial management and procurement 
  • Client/Tenant Management 
  • Facilities management 
  • Developing sustainability policies  
  • Property management and lease administration 
  • Service charge management 
  • Real estate accounting at property, SPV and fund level 
  • Rent collection and accounting 
  • Technical service and facilities management 
  • Risk management 


Our services

Premier Properties 
CBRE manages some of the world's most iconic properties. We recognise that these types of buildings require a specialised property management approach to maximise occupier satisfaction and visitor experience. Premier Properties offers a highly tailored approach, allowing our clients to see results that not only help to define their trophy quality investments, but set them apart in the marketplace. Every detail is considered – from the scent diffused in reception, through to the toiletries and ranges of magazines available to your occupants. There might be cycle repair workshops in the basement – or Amazon lockers and towel laundry services. Whatever your occupants really need, our Premier Properties service will provide it. 
We enable our clients to focus on their core business by managing their real estate with total efficiency - and always with the aim of maximising its value. We’ve invested in people and technology, creating a state-of-the-art property management service, ironing out inefficiencies and adding value all the time. We look after the smallest details of our clients’ property, as well as the bigger picture, aligning the management of their real estate to their wider strategic aims. We anticipate needs, deal with issues long before they become problems and tailor services precisely to our clients and their real estate. 
Fund accounting  
We combine our world-class real estate knowledge with our accounting expertise to provide tailored fund accounting solutions. We believe that outsourcing the fund accounting function allows our clients to focus on their core investment strategies, whilst our expert real estate team manage the daily running of their fund. Our team of highly qualified accountants has a proven track record of dealing with complex accounting transactions and a working knowledge of local and international accounting standards.