Managing the payment of business rates is an integral part of owning property; at CBRE we help clients with portfolios of all sizes to reduce the liability fairly by providing professional and expert advice challenging Rateable Valuation assessments for all commercial property. 

CBRE’s long established reputation as a leader in commercial property means we have a wealth of combined experience and knowledge to draw upon. We have also developed our own software which monitors change in rating listings so that we can ensure that every opportunity is pursued for clients. 
Our experts don’t simply look at current liability but predict how it might change in the future, allowing you to anticipate what your costs will be at every stage of the property life cycle. 

We have a team of fully qualified Chartered Valuation Surveyors with an abundant knowledge of the commercial rating industry. We are fully acquainted with all relevant legislation and have extensive experience in dealing with all types of businesses – offices, retail, industrial, licensed & leisure, hotels, airports, schools and universities, hospitals, quarries, nursing homes, stadia, racecourses, networks and utilities.  

Key Services  


  • Check, Challenge and Appeal  
Our rating experts can advise if there are grounds to challenge your rateable value and guide you through the complex appeal procedures. 
  • Revaluation 
This involves the production of an up-to-date Valuation List of all non-domestic property for Commercial Rates purposes, within a specific local authority area, our technical knowledge and expertise ensures the lowest rates payable for your properties. 
  • Revision 
Our experts can advise on the revision on a valuation of a particular property between Revaluations. Revisions will commonly take place where there has been a change to an existing property i.e. additions or alterations or demolition.  A revision will also take place to value a newly constructed building or rateable entity. We routinely handle revision cases on behalf of clients ensuring that the rates liability is as low as possible. 
  • Forecasting for budgets 
We can help you to budget by forecasting potential increases and possible refunds 
  • Vacancy refunds and savings  
Regardless of whether a property is occupied to its maximum capacity or conversely is lying completely idle there is still a Rate Bill to be paid.  If certain criteria are fulfilled however, a refund of rates may be secured under certain circumstances. We are specialists in this field and will examine each individual case to determine a strategy for recovering as much rates as possible. 
  • Rates Exemption 
Qualification for exemption is complex and intricate and an in-depth knowledge of the various sections and definitions is a must. We have a proven track record of providing significant cost savings to a variety of organisations by extinguishing their annual rates liability. 
  • Valuation Office Representations and Negotiations 
Our specialist surveyors are fully acquainted with the requirements to lodge representations to the Valuation Office. The Representations must fully outline the appellant’s estimate of Rateable Valuation, the methods of calculation together with relevant comparable evidence to support the calculation. 
  • Valuation Tribunal Appeals 
We are able to look after these appeals on the clients’ behalf from the initial appeal stage, to submitting the Précis of Evidence and attending the hearing as an Expert Witness.