Ireland Investment and Funding Q1 2023

May 5, 2023 10 Minute Read


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Q1 Highlights

  • An undertone of issues in the global banking sector has set the backdrop to investment markets in recent weeks


  • Tighter credit conditions and wider bid-ask spreads have made certain deals difficult to structure in the current market environment


  • Notwithstanding these factors, the Irish market has moved on with unexpected venom. Big-ticket deals completed in Q1,  across sectors, and pricing expectations moved closer together


  • Total investment spend in Q1 was €623 million, across 26 transactions. Notably, total spend was down just 18% versus Q1 2022 a reasonable result given the prevailing statement


  • Three transactions with an individual sale price of c. €100 million or greater completed in Q1. This is in-line with the long-term quarterly average over the last ten years


  • Equity-driven investors have come to the fore in this market and have executed transactions when other parties cannot. This cohort of investors will continue to be active through 2023


  • Prime yields on the core sectors of office, industrial and retail appear to be closer to some stabilisation, albeit pricing in all sectors remains trending ‘weaker’