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The Market for Senior Living in Ireland

October 6, 2023 14 Minute Read


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  • The publication of the Irish Population Census 2022 confirmed that the national population is growing at a tremendous pace
  • While Ireland is noted for its young and productive demographic, the national ‘aged population’ is also increasing significantly
  • The age bracket with the highest increase in population in Census 2022 was the group aged 70 and above
  • The population in this age bracket increased by 26% during the period 2016-2022
  • Ireland’s population aged 65 and over is now forecast to reach over 1.5 million people (25% of the national population) by 2051
  • Only a small percentage of this age group (4.5%) will require nursing home care, meaning the vast majority will age within their own homes and communities; living either independently or with some supports in place
  • It is this population demographic that ‘Senior Living’ schemes aim to attract, as they provide a “right sized” solution in a low maintenance home with security and social company
  • The concept of Senior Living is hugely successful in many parts of the world already, and has gained popularity particularly in the United Kingdom
  • This report takes a closer look at the concept in an Irish context, and explores the current and future landscape for senior living schemes in Ireland