Transform Business Outcomes

ESG Consultancy

Make business critical decisions by managing sustainability risk in your portfolios. Advising on the property lifecycle and helping you build your sustainable future.

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How are your real estate choices affecting your impact on the world?

Responsible business means understanding your impact and taking action. Our data and insights provide unmatched intelligence to help you make better decisions when it comes to the buildings you occupy, your assets and supply chain.

  • Baselining your end to end environmental, social value and wellbeing performance and undertaking impact assessment
  • Benchmarking your performance against legislation, industry, peers and leaders
  • Data and analytics that power action and forward-thinking ideas. Our thought leadership and innovation will help you to accelerate your progress

How does your ESG strategy contribute to your business success?

Our dedication to the success of our clients has helped us build lifelong partnerships with investors, landlords and occupiers. We are uniquely positioned to collaborate across sectors and to anticipate our clients strategic needs.

  • Ensure your real estate strategy aligns to your purpose, corporate identity and to the demands of your customers
  • Help mitigate the climate crisis and protect the resilience of your business
  • Net Zero strategies to reduce, mitigate and offset your climate impact
  • Energy optimisation and procurement strategies to reduce cost and manage risk
  • Zero Waste and other resource-based strategies to improve efficiency
  • Attract and retain the best talent, making the most of your incredible people through tailored health and wellbeing strategies
  • Social value assessments and plans to connect you to the communities within which you operate

Do you have a compelling story to tell?

Communicating your ESG strategy in a way that resonates with stakeholders is key to your success. The breadth of our knowledge and capabilities enables us to simplify complexity and provide our clients with a compelling narrative to engage clients and colleagues.

  • Collaborate with investors and landlords to meet your goals and ambitions
  • Deliver ESG reporting, disclosures and public targets that meet regulatory requirements, best practice and demonstrate leadership to your customers
  • Improve engagement with your colleagues, increase productivity and create a culture of sustainability with ESG upskilling and focused training

Do you know how to deliver simple integrated ESG solutions?

We build innovative climate, social value and wellbeing solutions that deliver transformational outcomes for the environment and people.

  • ESG solutions to support every stage of the property life cycle including acquisition, development, management and disposal of properties. Action plans at the portfolio, property and asset level
  • Integrate ESG requirements and ambitions into business and portfolio strategy to help you to secure investment
  • Leverage the value chain, using your purchasing power to encourage positive change. We support smart supplier decisions that shape the way services are delivered while also managing risk

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